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  • Vaibhav Yadav

Your Sexiest Local SEO Guide | Learn how to optimize google my business

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Local SEO- xpertomindo

Do you know 92% of costumers use search engines for local business searches

Local search engine optimization is another branch of SEO where business focuses on improving their visibility in local search results; whenever a customer raises the query.

Why Local SEO important ???

local SEO is very much helpful to brick-and-mortar businesses or organizations which operate in multiple locations as they want to reach large amount of customers in the area where they operate. That's why optimizing the local business site allows the site to show up based on the user's location and location related keywords used.

So do you want to be in 92% of customer's search query, if yes then we might help you,

come let's dive and learn how can we increase our local visibility and what are the local SEO best practices...

#1:Listing Business On Google My Business

well why on Google; as you can see from above image Google has dominance in the market and has large customer base.

Google is for-profit organizations but it provide many free marketing tools for business to grow and boost their sales; so Google My Business is one of the free, easy-to-use tool of google.

To use Google products you need to have Gmail account

Follow the three steps:-

"How to set-up Google My Business page??"

step-1:- Visit the website

step-2:- after signing in; fill your business name, your business category, your business address, contact information which you want to show to your customers.

step-3:- verify your business; this is done by entering the 5-digits verification code, a postcard mailed by Google contains the verification code.

woohooo you did it, your business will be live within few hours...

You can also use "Bing places" and "Apple map listings"

How to verify google my business without postcard ?

Incase, if your postcard is getting delayed then you can simply raise the ticket by visiting the google my business website, then go to the support section and email your issue. After this you can verify your business by video verification mode.

#2:Citations(Name, Address and Phone Number - NAP)

This includes mentioning your business directories on other sources that helps google or any other search engine to verify your business operating in that specific area and rank higher for the keyword that are relevant to your business.

"Google checks if your business name, address & phone number are consistent on the web and how consistent this with mentions of your business online"

Citations are similar to links except they do not need to link back to your site they just need your business address, phone number or both.

Online listing platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Justdial, Nearbuy and many more.. can help your business to rank higher in SERP.

Check Moz free tool to check Local Listing Score

#3:Off-Site Link Building

As we know links are still big major ranking ranking factor; link building is bit different for a local business. Get only quality links and high authority links.

Here's, what can you do..

  • look out news sources; develop relationship with journalist that cover topics related to your business let them know about your business; request them to cover your story.

  • watch out for local contest; mostly local blogs or sites hold the contest where readers vote for the best business, you can offer incentives for users to visit your store/website by having the contest site link to your deals if it adds value to users then you have higher chance gaining traffic.

set up google alerts to search for contests related to your area and related to your business
  • build contacts; attend events, conferences

#4:Ask for Reviews

Authentic and true reviews which come from customers can help you rank your business higher in google 3-pack results, though having only google reviews is not an good idea because when needed google algorithm can monitor reviews from other listing platform to rank your business higher.

Client's won't leave reviews if it's not easily noticeable to them or they have to look for it

How to ask for reviews for your business | xperto mindo

There are a few factors to keep in mind, by no means bribe clients for reviews, many websites limit repayment for critiques and in case you don't comply with those strategies your enterprise can get banned.

#5:optimizing your website for local search

If your business has website then it should have keywords and info related to the service location; this can include data that can help your audience like direction to your store, city name, area code.

Note:- display your full address and contact info at footer section of the website (extremely important for local SEO)

It's good to have a blog page in your website as these can help you grow your social media presence, increase engagement with the locals. Make sure to have location name incorporated in your blog, for example if you have b