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  • Vaibhav Yadav

Best books for IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced

Best books for jee mains and advance in 2021-2022

Alerts:- This article is only for hardcore aspirants who really are preparing hard for their entrance exams, if you think you are that hardcore students then go ahead this post is for you all the heroes. All the best!!! (*post may contain affiliate links)

Many times before preparing or in-between of the preparation we wish to get the best materials or books which will or are going to make our endeavor easy and you achieve what you really want.

So, In this blog we have sorted the books which were used by IITians and NITians that led to them in getting their desired college.

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                            What's Inside:-
1.Best books for IIT-JEE Math's
2.Best books for IIT-JEE Physics
3.Best books for IIT-JEE Chemistry
4.Our recommendation's: the complete package 

Best books for IIT-JEE Math's:-


#Books that you can use for building basic concepts

These books can also benefits students who are also preparing for boards

Previous year - Arihant publication and Disha publication(recommended only for boards exams, practicing questions of previous year will definitely benefit you in getting highest marks)                                     


Now after you clearing the basics, you have to solve problems; lots of problem!!

  • NCERT EXEMPLAR - Class 11 and Class 12

  • Cengage JEE mains or RD Sharma objective for JEE main and Advance

  • Previous year - Arihant or Disha publication (extremely important)


#Books for JEE Advanced LEVEL

for hardcore aspirants who badly wants to go to IIT or colleges who take admission through JEE Adv. as we all know never in the history of JEE; the math's section was easy every year this section create problem for students but we have something that will help you.

  • Cengage set of buy 5 books (It is tough book but if you are able to solve the 60-70 percent of the problems by yourself then consider yourself selected)

  • Arihant set of 7 books (relatively easier than Cengage but can do the work)

  • Previous year - Arihant Publications (very very important)

Though there are many books out there like "A. Das Gupta", "S.L. loney", Hall and Knight" and many more but the books discussed above are more than sufficient.

Best Books for IIT JEE Physics:-


#Books that you can use for building basic concepts

Having good concept in Physics is very important because the problems that you are going to face in the exam will be somewhat on real based scenario


#Books for JEE Mains &Advanced LEVEL

After clearing basics it's time to solve problems, here are the books that will help you

  • HC Verma (God for all students)

  • General Physics by I.E. Irodov (solve only selected questions which you can get on the internet)

  • DC Pandey set of 5 books or Cengage set of 6 books by BM Sharma

  • Previous year - Arihant or Disha publication (very very important)


Best Books for IIT JEE Chemistry:-

So chemistry is divided in three parts Inorganic, physical and organic. Let's see the books which can help you one by one. "NCERT is must for all the part"


  • RC Mukherjee and Narendra Awasthi - problems in physical chemistry

  • OP Tandon- Grb Publications (good for building basic concept and contains NCERT questions so you don't have buy NCERT)


  • NCERT(very important) & OP Tandon Class 11

  • J.D. lee (you don't need to go anywhere if you have this book)

" solve previous year as many times as you can, because questions are repeated in Inorganic section"


  • MTG reaction mechanism (for all the important reagents and mechanism)

  • Morrison Boyd (good for building the core concepts )

  • Cengage organic chemistry (to understand the General Organic Concept)

  • OP Tandon, Grb publication (class 12 volume-2)

  • MS Chauhan (for solving questions)

"one more time never forget the gem i.e. Previous year solve it many times"


Our recommendation's: the complete package

Best book for IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced, Best book for Math's, Best book for Physics, Best book for Chemistry - Xperto Mindo
Complete book package that every aspirants of IIT-JEE should have
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