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  • Vaibhav Yadav

Analog vs Digital Marketing: Why big brands are using analog strategies in digital world ?

'Hold on', before going through this beautiful article, let us go 10-15 years back....

Do you remember the famous intersection of your town where there used to be a lot of crowd and covered with several posters, fliers, placards or a tall hoarding? or it's a Sunday morning and your grandfather is listening music on a vinyl records.

Now teleport yourself to the present year, as the word is becoming more and more digital the placard, posters or vinyl records these things seems to be lost or less seen due to digital dominance, "the so called famous intersection is now your internet" but in recent years

it appears Analog is making it's way back and no matter what if the brands or companies wants to build relationship or reach their customers heart they gonna need the Analog way.

In this article we will look at the benefits of Analog & Digital and why marketers need to mix analog and digital for successful marketing campaign ?

What actually Analog Marketing is ??

"Analog Marketing" can say "Traditional Marketing" relies on building relationship with the customers in order to give them a real sense of tangibility and making them believe of your(brand) trustworthiness

Over 90% of transactions are still conducted in an analog manner

Analog vs Digital : Benefits


Why big brands are using Analog strategies in digital world ?

'Customers mailboxes are easy to access, finding the road to their a heart is difficult'

We should unanimously agree to the facts that digital offers a magnificent way to reach broader audience, provide great tools to track your customer behavior, but we should also agree to this notion that it lacks the power of touch i.e. physicality. Despite the digital revolution, we still live in an analog world this is the world where we spend our time and most of the energy.

Physicality leverages the analog benefits of tangibility and sociability, we humans are social creatures, we really need the sense of touch, the interactions which helps us to create a specific relationship with each other. When things get tangible people get more confident in what they are choosing, and not only this, it also improves brands recognitions, authenticity and helps brands to build a healthy relationship with their audience.

The prime job of your product isn't just fulfilling the consumer's needs and requirements but also to draw in more new customer with same lot of resources leveraged. Your product is your advertisement. This is the reason why brands are using analog strategies to provide their customers an impactful, memorable and the sense of touch which helps them creating a trustful relationship with their customers.

Past Examples where Analog have been used by the companies:-


Amazon Prime: The Tomorrows War Billboards


Agency: SMALL



Coco-Cola: 'Share a Coke'

Credit:- Coca-Cola India


Tell us about your favorite brands and their Campaign which impressed you in the comment box

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