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  • Vaibhav Yadav

5 free website that helps Kids to learn coding

xpertomindo- kids learn to code

As the world is enormously becoming digital, Coding has become essential must have skills in your portfolio.

Coding is just how you interact with the computer; coding is not writing long and bogus set of syntax it require logical thinking, critical thinking , problem solving ability and some sort of mathematics which tends to overall development of brain and these values should be inculcated in Kids as early as possible.

Kids must be taught How to think Not what to think and this is where Coding will help them.

So in this blog post I am going to tell you about the website which are helpful to kids:-

"Everybody in this country should should learn program a computer, because it teaches how to think"

~~Steve Jobs

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5.Khan Academy                                

SCRATCH:- It is visual programming language and comes with free of charge, developed and designed by scratch foundation a non for profit organization. Some of the Scratch founding partners are Massachusetts Institute of technology, National science foundation, Siegel family endowment and Lego foundation.

you can use scratch app without internet connection

It specially designed for children in range of 8 to 16 years old. Scratch is obtainable in 160 countries and available in more than 60 languages.

Scratch is supported in all browsers except internet explorer and also compatible with tablet.
Screenshot of scratch website

try scratch jr for ages 5 to 7

Visit their YouTube channel by clicking here According to statistics on their website they have over 60 million students and also they are non for profit organization so they are free. They have their presence in 180 countries and are available in 67+ languages. Schools can also partner with the and can add CS to their school curriculum., free coding for students
screenshot of website

They have courses for kids as well for grade 6-12. is backed by prominent Tech giants like The Infosys foundation , Amazon , Facebook and many more.

You can get Minecraft tutorials, click here

Visit their YouTube channel by clicking here

You can try offline version also

BLOCKLY:- Google’s Blockly is drag and drop block programming tool which eliminates syntax error problems. They have series of educational games that helps making programming friendly and easy for kids.

blockly-kids coding website
screenshot of Blockly website If I am not wrong,9 out of 10 developers in the world knows about this organization. It is better suited for children above 13 and you can learn anything and everything related to computer science. They have more than 3.75 million subscribers on YouTube with larger alumni network around the globe.

Visit their YouTube channel by clicking here, free website to learn coding
screenshot of freecodecamp website

Khan Academy:- :- It is an American non-profit educational organization founded by Salman khan. Students learn to create webpages , drawing shapes and also learn to play with databases.

Not only you can learn programming here but also other subjects like Mathematics, Economics or Organic Chemistry, all the subjects are absolutely free.

Visit their YouTube channel by clicking here

Khan academy, Coding for kids
screenshot of Khan academy website

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